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Unicist complexity research activities 2

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The research activity in the field of Complexity Sciences began in 1976. Now, although there is a backlog of 180 research projects being developed, the basic research has been finished.

That is why we’ve begun to develop the Global Research Consortia focused on applicative research on:

1) Healthcare
2) Engineering
3) Social & Economic Behavior
4) Information Technology
5) Human Resources (Talent Development)
6) Management (Including Marketing)
7) Financials

Every area will have a specialized blog for researchers and users of unicist technologies.

The research will be developed by researchers of the unicist Confederation that participate voluntarily in The Unicist Research Institute’s research projects.

All the applicative researches belong to the field of complexity sciences. They will be dealing with unsolved complex problems and will be grounded on the ontological structures that have been researched at TURI.

The research will cover both cross-cultural and cultural aspects. The official research language is English but the implementation may include the use of local languages. That is why the researchers’ blogs include translators to the languages we expect to deal with.

When there are regulatory research limits (such as in Medicine) both the research methodologies of complexity sciences and of systemic sciences will be integrated.

Researches end with a report for the participating Companies and a paper for the Scientific and Academic Community. The credits of the researches will be shared among the researchers who participated in them.

Profile of the Complexity Researcher:

1) Be under 29 years old (convenient but not necessary)
2) A doer in her/his field
3) Needs to have Conceptual and Analytical capacities
Needs to have sound knowledge in her/his specialization field
5) Is able to deal with problems that have open boundaries

Applicants will receive a real case in their specialization field to be solved within one week.

The organization of the Research Consortia is a centralized responsibility. We expect to have around 150 voluntary researchers per area. Every voluntary researcher will be operating based on an individual Scientific Dissemination Center.

After the period of voluntary activity has ended (3 months), we will be fostering the integration of these voluntary researchers in the Unicist Confederation.

Peter Belohlavek

If you do not know about Unicist Technologies, you can request an invitation as a Guest Participant in a module of Unicist Strategy.

Unicist Drops – Work – Pastime for the weekend

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Work is measured by results,
intentions do not count…

An analogy to guide reflection

The mechanical work applied to an object
can be calculated from the dot product
of the applied force (F) and the
displacement (d) of the object.

This is given by:

W = F*d

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.

If you do not know about Unicist Technologies, you can request an invitation as a Guest Participant in a module of Unicist Strategy.

Unicist ontological research on medical practices

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The Unicist Research Institute and The Weston Group have launched three major researches on medical practices with the participation of voluntary physicians from different countries on:

Medical diagnostics
Clinical trials methodologies
Medical decision making

The researches will be using both complexity sciences methodologies and medical sciences methodologies. In the case of the research on the ontology of clinical trials and their methodologies, the “Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice” will be considered.

The results will be made public and we expect to finish the research before August, 2010.

Peter Belohlavek

If you do not know about Unicist Technologies, you can request an invitation as a Guest Participant in a module of Unicist Strategy.

Unicist Cybernetics – Partners Integration 1

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The second stage of the Unicist Confederation implies a global growth of the partners network, having each partner three possible roles:

a) A business role
b) A business and counseling role
c) A scientific dissemination role

From now on the integrators of unicist technologies will be:

1) Unicist Strategy: for individual, business and social strategies
2) Unicist Cybernetics: for organizational design

For the partners who are not acquainted with the meaning of cybernetics we provide the definition of Unicist Cybernetics.

“Unicist Cybernetics defines the architecture of complex systems beginning with the unicist ontological structure and ending with the operational aspects necessary to produce predefined results. It is a technology that includes: complexity science research, complex (adaptive) systems design, unicist extreme design methodology, object driven organization, unicist ontological modeling and artificial intelligence to design adaptive systems. Unicist cybernetics is integrated within the unicist ontology based technologies to design adaptive systems to produce results.”

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The launching of the book “Unicist Organizational Cybernetics” is just the first of a series of six books that will be available in the market in the next weeks.

You will find them on Google Books together with the rest of the collection of unicist technologies.

Simultaneously, the 60 most significant discoveries (scientific breakthroughs) made at The Unicist Research Institute will be published on Amazon.

Executive Committee

Learning to deal with the nature of business – Free Program 2

A talent development program to learn to deal with the nature of business has been launched by the Goodwill Network. This program was sponsored by The Weston Group and developed as a set of podcasts by Peter Belohlavek and Wes Spears.


The aspects covered by the first part of the program include:

1)   Unicist Approach to the Global Economic Crisis
2)   Unicist Definition and Confrontation of Complexity
3)   Unicist Definition and Application of Ego
4)   Unicist Dominant Economic Drivers for Business
5)   Unicist Importance of Learning and Knowledge to Personal and Business Growth
6)   Unicist Lessons Learned from Google, Microsoft, and Apple
7)   Unicist Organizational types (Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Institutions)
8)   Unicist Lessons of Sun Tzu and the Art of War
9)   Unicist Counter Cyclical Strategies
10) Unicist Discussion of Pop Business Books

This podcast has been developed for all those who have decided to approach businesses based on their nature. To access The Nature of Business, please click here .

N. I. Brown
Academic Department

Lecture on Unicist Thinking to expand personal boundaries

The Goodwill Network restarted the Open Talent Development Program to foster personal evolution within an environment of Sustainable Globalization and Development.

The Goodwill Network (GN) is a global organization that fosters the development of equal opportunities for all.
The GN works as a “pay it forward” chain to promote an added value ethic by giving opportunities to others who pay them forward.
The discovery of ethical intelligence opened new frontiers for personal development.
The purpose of the Goodwill Network is to promote a reflective approach to reality to be able to influence on personal sustainable development.

What happens with a kid that is a bright 3-year old child and becomes a 50-year old shiftless individual?

Individuals are exposed to external inhibitors that tend to massify them to make them fit into the culture they belong to.

Unicist Thinking, discovered at The Unicist Research Institute,  emulates the evolution of nature. The unicist double dialectical thinking, emulating the ontogenetic intelligence of nature, makes a realistic approach to reality possible. It changed the paradigms installed by Hegel’s idealistic dialectics and Marx’s materialistic dialectics that are intellectual approaches to reality. That is why the Unicist Thinking process expands the boundaries of the individuals’ approach to reality.

Doers build the world. This program seeks to provide worldwide doers an approach to foster their brightness to expand their boundaries based on a conscious approach to generate additional added value in changing environments.

The next lecture will be held by Peter Belohlavek who discovered the functionality of the unicist double dialectical thinking.

The next free access lecture will be on: 5.15.2009 at 9:00 am New York time.

Register here:

N.I. Brown
Academic Department

Unicist Confederation – 2nd. Stage 3

As it is known, the Unicist Confederation is a multilocal and cooperative confederation. As such our main interest is to respect and foster Sustainable Globalization in all the countries we work in.

National Interests must prevail

The purpose of sustainable globalization is to defend the National Interest of a country. That is why our partners need to be focused on sustaining the interest of their countries.

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This implies a significant diplomatic action to maintain an equilibrium between common interests and local interests.

It is expected that all our partnering organizations are dealing with the equilibration of the local and the global interests of the Unicist Confederation. Maximal Strategies are based on a diplomatic negotiation of interests and are the basis for evolution. If we were only caring about the individual interests, we would be provoking involution.

The values fostered by the Goodwill Network, “equal opportunities for all” within a sustainable globalization environment, are just a demonstration of the values of the Unicist Confederation.

Executive Committee

Unicist Drops – Business Diagnostics – Pastime for the weekend 1

Curing without diagnosing
is killing based on good intentions…

An analogy to guide reflection

Those who propose solutions to businesses
without having a secure diagnosis,
produce chronic diseases or destruction…

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.

The Unicist Strategy Program has been upgraded 1

To ensure the added value of the unicist technologies, all Unicist Strategy Programs will include a second opinion diagnosis that will be delivered after the participant made his/her diagnosis/strategy, but within the first 60 days of the program.


This upgrade has been made to ensure the focus on real applications, avoiding the use of unicist technologies for intellectual self-fulfilling objectives.

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The program has to ensure the solution of the problems as far as it depends on us. Solutions imply “cure” and “palliatives”. Palliatives as such are not acceptable, although the client might demand them.


This implies also that there is an admission process to the programs based on the analysis of the case that will be solved in order to ensure our capacity to provide solutions.  In this stage the second opinion diagnosis will be centrally provided.


To fulfill this upgrade the price of the technology transfer program has been increased to US$ 2,900.- including the internal cost of the diagnosis delivered to the clients.

This is the final upgrade of the program that will be now expanded worldwide.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Unicist Drops – Sustainable Globalization – Pastime for the weekend 2

The reach of one’s globalization is defined
by the limit of the pronoun “we”…

An analogy to guide reflection

People, as all other superior species, make businesses
within the limits of their pronoun “we”,
but try to profit from those who are
beyond, considered as “them”…

To deal with someone you need to know if
you are one of “us” or one of “them”.

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.