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Launching of the Health Care Business

After a long negotiation it has been agreed to develop the Global Health Care Business with a subsidiary of The Weston Group.

This implies also the development of alliances with one of the major computer hardware providers and a CRO (Clinical Research Organization). There will be a global network of around 100 health care consultants (organizations, not individuals) in the Unicist Confederation.

The alliance will provide ontology based technologies, materialized in unicist cybernetic solutions, to the global health care industry.

It has also been agreed to develop a Unicist Corporate University with The Weston Group.

The business will be managed by Mr. Wes Spears.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Unicist Cybernetics 2

To sustain the positioning of the Unicist Confederation and avoid the confusion of the unicist ontology based technologies to deal with the nature of things with a philosophical approach, some “Restricted Access Technologies” will be published  as an R&D e-book on:

Unicist Cybernetics

This R&D e-book is being finished and will be published within the next two weeks.

The Unicist Confederation is a hi-tech organization that provides technologies for strategy building, diagnostics, management and future research to businesses, institutions, governments and individuals.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Unicist Drops – The nature of business – Pastime for the weekend

In the short or the long run,
living beings and their deeds
are consistent with their nature…

An analogy to guide reflection

The scorpion stung the frog
although they both would be dying in the river.
It was in its nature…

(From the fable “The Scorpion and the Frog”)

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.

Confederations are the most expansive business model

The Unicist Confederation integrates organizations and individuals who have decided to solve business problems based on their nature. This implies, necessarily, being able to deal with the ontology of problems.

The Unicist Confederation is finishing its reorganization in a live 3-day clinic with the members of the Executive Committee to define the next step that will be published at the end of the event (Sunday, April 12, 2009).

Being Confederations the most expansive model (following the metaphor: because they allow building a higher mountain) the risk of entropy is higher. Therefore there is a need of strict institutional organization within the vision and mission of the Unicist Confederation.

The procedures, rules, methods and guidelines are the operational tools that sustain expansion and inhibit entropy under the umbrella of  “Cooperation in diversity”.

All the members of the Unicist Confederation need to be users of the unicist ontology based technologies in their field of specialty.

Please read carefully the e-books (they have been updated yesterday):

Confederation II – Diana Belohlavek

Institutionalization – The key to growth – Peter Belohlavek

We do not say that we use what we sell.
We just do it…

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Ontology editors

The ontological approach to reality is the new step both in science and business management. In this scenario, the unicist ontology is the unique “ontological logical” approach.

We recommend you to manage the ontology editors we use. To access them please enter the guided tour and access the links of “Related Technologies”.

Depending on the problem that is being solved we use different ontological editors (Protege, Hozo, Kaon, Axon, Taverna, Cmaps). It has to be considered that the unicist logic is an ontological editor in itself.

If you want to widen your knowledge on ontology editors you can access a list at:

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Crisis, drugs and addictions 3

The structural global crisis in the world fosters individuals to enter in a parallel world to avoid their feelings of uncertainty, impotence, hopelessness and atopia (unicist term to define personal “inexistence”).
Therefore the conditions that drive individuals to face reality based on addictive behavior are given.

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The impotence to do what is needed is the catalyst for addictive behavior.

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This ontology was researched and developed in the eighties in order to find a way to avoid individuals entering in the world of addictions.
It was applied in what was called “Opportunities for youth”, and was developed as a non-profit activity for several years (1989-1992).

The program consisted in helping people to find opportunities to develop their talents in the market.

The crisis

Many people lost or will lose money, jobs and/or hope because of this crisis. The sooner they take losses the faster the need of escapism towards a parallel reality will vanish.

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Beginning with sleeping pills and ending with heavy drugs, all is “justified” when an addictive context is installed.

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Ontology based technologies are the natural antidote to parallel realities. They are based on permanent validation in the real world. That is why they cannot be grasped by fundamentalists.

The reading of the book Fundamentalism – The ethic of survivors is recommended to understand the responses to the crisis.

Drugs and addictions

Drugs and addictions appear to be justified for those who are losers in this crisis. But they increase the negative effects of the crisis because they provoke the building of parallel realities expecting others to solve the crisis.

This situation stimulates us to relaunch the talent development program for young people in order to empower them, helping them to define their role in the world, fostering the belief that they depend on themselves and providing hope sustaining the position of authorities.

Talent Development Program

The Talent Development Program has been upgraded and relaunched today by the Goodwill Network as part of our non-profit activities to foster “equal opportunities for all” in a Global environment.

To access the program please enter:

Executive Committee

Companies using ontological approaches

We have identified more than 100 Corporations using ontological approaches to solve complex problems. Some of them are:

Allianz – American Express – Aventis – BASF – Bayer – Bell – BMW – British Petroleum – British Telephone – Credit Lyonnais – Eli Lilly – Embraer – France Telecom – General Electric – General Motors – Glaxo – Honda – Honeywell lab – HSBC – IBM – Kawasaky robotic – Logica UK Limited – Merck Sharp – Microsoft ( – Mitsubishi – Monsanto – Nec – Nestle – Nippon Steel – Nokia – Novartis – Pepsico – Petrobras – Pfizer  – Philips – Procter & Gamble – Renault – Rhone Poulenc – Roche – Rockwell – Royal Sun Alliance – SAP – Shell – Siemens – Sony – Swisslife – Texas Instruments – Toshiba – Toyota – Unilever – United Airlines – Volkswagen – Votorantim – Xerox

There is no doubt that this is the next step and the “back to basics” in management.

Unicist ontological technologies are the unique approach that includes an ontological logical structure to deal with complex problems.

From April on, all our partners will need to manage the unicist ontological logic to solve the problems in their specialty.

Executive Committee

Unicist XD – Unicist X-treme Design Methodology

The new organizational phase that begins in April implies a “Back2Back” integration with all the specialized partners and associated consultants.

Therefore the UXD – Unicist X-treme Design Methodology – will be the model to be used to work in the development of new technologies, market-labs, organizational-labs and in the design of implementation processes. This technology will be used integrated with the Unicist Ontological Reverse Engineering Method.

As this Back2Back working method is extremely objective, a subjective interface is necessary to compensate the natural stress it produces. In these cases, the Web-conferencing system will be used with webcam, so both Back2Back working members are able to see each other.

This system has been used for many years at The Unicist Research Institute and allowed tripling the productivity of our World Class competitors.

You can access an abstract on the UXD methodology at:

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence

Unicist Drops – Complex problem solving – Pastime for the weekend

…to disobey is easy
…to obey is simple
…to be responsible is complex
…to be free is…

An analogy to guide reflection

…to oppose is easy
…to follow is simple
…to adapt is complex
…to be free is …

Extracted from the book Unicist Riddles (*)

(*) Riddles have many solutions. In the Far East, riddles are used to develop internal freedom and responsibility.

Ontological logic to deal with the nature of reality

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We are preparing the launching of the global presentation of the unicist technologies to foster growth. This presentation begins next week.
The discovery of the ontogenetic intelligence of nature has been published as a short e-book to give access to the groundings of the unicist ontology of evolution.
This discovery is the major breakthrough produced at The Unicist Research Institute in the field of complexity sciences.
All partners and associated consultants need to manage this knowledge in order to be able to deal with the nature of problems.
You can download it at:
Unicist Confederation members will find the access at the English homepage of their Website.
Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence