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Influencing Nature – Analogy between Unicist Ontology and DNA

The white paper “Influencing Nature”, that includes the main analogies between the Unicist Ontology and DNA, has been published in order to help participants of Project H.O.P.E. to access the Unicist Approach. This information is also necessary for our partners to explain the groundings of the Unicist Approach. The breakthrough of the Unicist approach becomes evident and necessary to deal with complex problems, future research, diagnostics and strategy building. Today there are 999 participants registered in Project H.O.P.E.

You can access the white paper at:

or on your Website.


The discovery of the ontology of superiority complexes

The research began in 1985 and ended in December 2008. The information included in the abstract is basic to deal with strategies in the individual, institutional and social fields.
Please consider that our clients are basically talented people who are frequently affected by this problem.
Consider also the limits of the environment:
1) There are cultures that foster superiority complexes.
2) There are cultures that foster inferiority complexes (identification with the victim).
3) There are cultures that foster actions.

The antidotes for superiority complexes are:
a) Foundations.
b) Actions.
c) Feed-back.

Understanding the superiority complex you will be able to solve most of the implementation problems in the field of the individual approach to strategy. You will need to perceive the difference between superiority complexes than compensate inferiority complexes and genuine superiority complexes.

To access the abstract please enter in the Scientific Dissemination Program: 

Written counseling is available in The Unicist Corporate University.

Academic Department


E-book: Diagnosing the nature of my business

The e-book “Diagnosing the nature of my business – A Unicist Debate” will be available at Project H.O.P.E.’s website on January 6, 2009.
This book presents a debate on diagnosing the nature of a business with the unicist approach, and was developed by Wes Spears, Angela Moretti and Peter Belohlavek.
The e-book is sponsored by the Goodwill Network and is of free access for the community.
On January 6, 2009 you will be able to download this book from project H.O.P.E.’s website at:


Beta Test of Project H.O.P.E’s Website

Please help us to validate the functionality of the Project H.O.P.E’s Website. This website does not include the Library that will be uploaded after the beta test has been finished. To validate it please consider the objective of the project:
“The objective of the Project H.O.P.E. is to promote the development of counter-cycles in the business world. This is a non-profit activity, sponsored by The Unicist Research Institute and the Unicist Confederation that is being coordinated by the Goodwill Network. The final goal is to save and generate jobs.”

To access the Website please enter here:

Please send suggestions to:

The Spanish and Portuguese Websites will be published as soon as the beta test of the English version has been finished.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence


Registration to the Unicist Growth Strategy Clinic

Please register to the Unicist Growth Strategy Clinic of the X International Unicist Conference that will be held on January 22-23, 2009.
This clinic continues the activities launched in the past Conference in order to develop growth and counter-cyclical strategies.
Participants will receive the e-book “Institutionalization – The key to growth”.
Please organize your Goodwill House inviting your potential clients . They will be receiving a unique technology to build growth and counter-cycles.
We hope you use this Clinic for the launching of the commercial growth of your UKC. Please consider the synthesis of the Critical Mass Strategy. We will be transferring the existing potential clients to each partner.

English Chapter:

Portuguese Chapter:

Spanish Chapter:


Real-Time Business Diagnosis with Angela Moretti

On Monday December 22nd there will be a full time activity developing a real time diagnosis of an IT business in Houston with the participation of the client. The output will be a transparent activity developing the diagnosis of the business, the positioning and a counter-cyclical strategy to ensure growth both in revenue and profit. The e-book on this case will include the debate among Peter Belohlavek, Wes Spears and Angela Moretti. It will be available for our partners and the community on January 5th 2009. The name of the book will be defined on Monday. This book will be a basic tool to understand the Diagnosis of the Nature of Businesses.


Unicist Confederation’s countercyclical strategies are finished

The growth crisis, that began with acute symptoms in July 2008, forced a transition in the organization of the Unicist Confederation.
The countercyclical strategies have been implemented and the transition is over. Now there are near 1100 prospects that will be distributed among partners.

The post-transition organization implies functioning strictly as a Confederation. This implies:
A) An institutional positioning with the implicit synergy and critical mass.
B) Cooperation between partners based on “World Class” specialization qualification.
C) A bottom up organization. Partners decide what to do to achieve the goals that have been agreed.
D) Google Ads responses will flow directly to the partners
E) Central delivery of technologies
F) Central Strategy, Image and Ad design
G) Central Market and Organizational Labs
H) Central Learning Programs and “World Class Certification”
I) Monthly “budget round tables”
J) A Quality Assurance System for external communications and implementations
K) Admission of new partners of the Unicist Confederation does not include a “Japanese Park” anymore. In many cases  this produced paradoxical results. Newcomers need to share the Unicist ontological approach in order to be admitted. They enter directly in the business and the learning program to access “World Class Certification” (*).

We recommend using the last two weeks of December to adapt to the final organization.

It is a pleasure to inform you that the transition is over and the business “begins”.

(*) World Class Partner: an individual who makes things happen in a specific field.

Martin Alvaro
Business Intelligence


Partners’ Goodwill Network will be launched next week

From next Monday on, the Goodwill Network will be decentralized on the websites of our partners to enable the access to equal opportunities for all.
The objective of our organization is to introduce sustainable growth strategies worldwide which are a cultural breakthrough.
This implies a social responsibility to be assumed.
From next week on the partners of the Unicist Confederation will be participating in our non-profit activities to give this opportunities to everyone independently from their economic possibilities.


International Unicist Conference – First Symposium: Institutionalization – The key for growth building

This activity has been developed to foster growth in a crisis environment.
The Symposium of the X International Unicist Conference will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of January and will be based on a Clinic on how to build sustainable growth. Unicist Institutionalization demonstrates, among other things, that individualistic entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs are natural survivors that add value in extreme surviving conditions, but are dysfunctional to build growth. The Clinic includes the development of a strategy for introducing institutionalization to grow in companies whatever their size is.
We recommend our partners and associated consultants to install a Goodwill House and invite potential clients. The cost of the activity is USD 100.- for Goodwill Network members and USD 300.- for non-members.
Registration will be opened on Friday 19th December.
Participants will receive an e-book on “Institutionalization – The Driver of Growth”.