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Project H.O.P.E – Fostering a Global Movement

"Equal opportunities for all"

" ... equal opportunities for all"

We have finished the preparation of the H.O.P.E. Project as a global movement to stimulate facing the crisis with counter-cyclical strategies to accelerate evolution and inhibit the destruction of “equal opportunities for all”. This philanthropic activity will integrate the Goodwill Network – fostering opportunities – the Unicist Confederation – disseminating and supporting the community – the Unicist Network – providing a discussion space for the members of the movement- and The Unicist Research Institute – giving technological support for this activity. The formal launching will be on Monday December 1st. We thank our partners for their support. We will ask you to disseminate this activity personally in the mass media after the 5th of December. We will try to integrate more than 1,000 active members in the World. The crisis was not provoked by “others” and it will not be solved by “others”. We are all part of it. Thank you for helping to help.

It is up to us!!!

Unicist Growth Strategy Clinic – Building Maximal Strategies

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This program, sustained by the Goodwill Network, has been launched today in its English version.
The Portuguese and Spanish versions will be available at the beginning of next week. This is a Mind Gym Program created to develop the use of integrative and fuzzy logic in order to help participants build maximal strategies. The dualistic approach that is necessary to build minimum strategies is dysfunctional for maximal strategy building. Thus growth and counter-cyclical strategies require, at an operational level, the use of the capacity to deal with fuzzy situations. These Clinics are Mind Gym Programs to develop the use of integrative and fuzzy thinking approaches to build “growth”.
You can access these clinics through your UKC’s Website.

Project H.O.P.E – Harmony – Opportunity – People – Expectancy

Crisis: Danger & Opportunity = Minimum & Maximal Strategies

Crisis: Danger & Opportunity = Minimum & Maximal Strategies

The Unicist Research Institute together with the Unicist Confederation decided to foster a positive attitude towards the growth crisis in the economic world.
That is why TURI now opens the research on the “Growth Crisis 2008” to the community. We expect to disseminate the positive approach to a minimum of 1,000 CPAs per partner (optimum: 2,500) before December 10th in order to help them to begin next year with a positive attitude. We have chosen to disseminate this program among CPAs because they are directly involved with their clients’ crises. Our partners are free to add other people.
The Unicist Research Institute will be disseminating this project to 25,000 members of the community worldwide.
Participants will have free access to the unicist technology and will be able to share their experiences with other colleagues in the Unicist Network.
This is a philanthropic action giving technologies for free to the community. (No selling or marketing actions are permitted – this is not SPAM) – This is a Goodwill program based on scientific dissemination.
The building of the minimum data base will demand a one day full-time activity.
This program is sponsored by the Goodwill Network.
Please feel free to participate or not, and confirm explicitly your participation to:

Corporate Business – Future Scenarios – Counter-cyclical Strategies

The Unicist Think Tank, created for the development of Future Business Scenarios and Counter-cyclical Strategies, has been integrated with participants from the USA, UK, China and Turkey. The Think Tank will be expanded based on the needs of the Corporations. This activity is based on the goodwill created by the IX International Unicist Conference and the presentation of the book “Growth Crisis 2008”. These activities always begin with the participation of the potential clients in an individual program.

Click here to access:

Congratulations to all our partners and associated consultants

Commercial Success – Individual Programs
After two days (partial) of the Google ad campaign the results achieved were:
-46 prospects
-2 information requests on Unicist Strategy Programs
-3 registrations (Introduction to Unicist Strategy)
As a result of this, we have introduced the motto “Unicist Strategies make things happen” in the Unicist Confederation. We have won the “internal” authority to use it. Externally, it is self-evident in our history.
The management of prospects and clients will be decentralized as soon as a UKC:
a) Uses unicist strategies in its business
b) Has the necessary organization
c) Has the necessary delivery and quality assurance or an agreement with another partner to deliver (transition)
During a transition of 30 days the requests of information will be responded centrally, but the CRM fees will be considered as if they were done by the corresponding partner.

Congratulations to all our partners and associated consultants for the effort that has been done!!!

New members of the Unicist Confederation: Affiliate Consultants

The Unicist Confederation is integrated by affiliates and partners.
Affiliates are independent consulting firms that are active in the corporate business diagnostics and/or business strategy and/or business intelligence market.
They participate in the Unicist Confederation as independent organizations that provide unicist technology based services to the corporate market. They do not sell unicist technologies to the corporate market, they sell services.
They sell their services to corporations according to their internal policy. As they sell services, the client does not pay TURI for the use of unicist technologies. They might (or not) use the services of the Blue Eagle X-pert System to validate their diagnoses and strategies.
On the other hand, they do sell and provide unicist technologies to the individual market. In the individual market the economic model for level 1.2 partners is applicable.
They have a 9 month certification program (Unicist Strategy for Academics and Consultants). After the first three months they certificate to deliver technologies for individuals.
They have to confirm the certification every two years and participate in the yearly Conference and quarterly Symposia as part of the Unicist Continuous Improvement model.
The investment of an Affiliate Consultant (2008-2009) is:
Unicist Strategy for Academics & Consultants…….USD 4,900.-
Unicist virtual consultant…………………………………….. USD    700.-
Unicist Conference & Symposia (quarterly)………… USD    200.-
Google ads (monthly)…………………………………………… USD    300.-

Unicist Certification before 12.12.08 – Unicist Coaching Level

The Unicist Certification Program to develop Individual Unicist Strategy Programs requires the implementation of a Micro-clinic and a Question Answering Session on Unicist Foundation Building and Unicist Strategy Building (in one unit). Partners that are certifying can make use of the available presentations. Both activities (micro-clinic + QA) require 2 hours. The Micro-clinic is developed during the first hour and the Question Answering Session during the second.
The evaluation model is based on the Unicist Talent Development Model based on:
-Strategic talents
-Business talents
-Leadership talents
-Institutional talents
-Operational talents
-Personal development talents

See Unicist Certification:

Please contact Noemi Brown this week to confirm when you will be certifying (Day and hour) before December 12th.
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Launching of the Individual Business of the Unicist Confederation

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The individual business will be launched on Monday 17th with the corresponding Cooperative Google Ad Campaign. The campaign is complemented with the building of alliances with associations, confederations, chambers and affiliates. The implementation of the individual programs will be in charge of Angela Moretti (English-Spanish), Katherine Hosie (English), Raul Bennasar (Portuguese) plus the central trilingual Unicist Strategy Programs. When the knowledge certification of our associated consultants and partners has been completed, the implementation and the customer relationship management will be integrated.
The pilot tests of our Market Laboratory showed an extremely positive trend based on the needs catalyzed by the Growth Crisis.
All partners will be receiving the implementation procedure on Friday 14th.

Corporate Business – Global Research Consortium in Pharma Industry

A Global Research Consortium has been organized to develop the future post-crisis scenarios to develop counter-cyclical strategies. The Consortium will be using the Unicist Delphi Groups methodology and is coordinated by Diego Glancszpigel. He is a postgraduate of The Unicist Corporate University and an expert in clinical research. The consortium will be global and include innovation-leaders of the industry. The results are expected to be published in 6-8 months.