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International Financial Crisis – Counter-cyclical business strategies

The IX International Unicist Conference 2008 will present the analysis of the fundamentals underlying the International Financial Crisis and the ontological structures to build counter-cyclical business growth strategies.
The unicist ontology of economic growth describing its fundamentals has been applied since 1993 to country scenario building and to the development of business growth strategies.

International Financial Crisis – Counter-cyclic business strategies

International Financial Crisis – Counter-cyclical business strategies

The IX Unicist Conference will be based on a two and a half hour clinic where participants will experience the use of the unicist ontology for economic growth to build growth cycles and counter-cycles.
It will also include the presentation of the version 7.0 of the BEES – Blue Eagle X-pert System – to sustain the building of business strategies.
Fees for Goodwill Network members and Unicist Network members are USD100.
Fees for non members are USD 300.

Unicist approach for everyone – Launching in the massive book market

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Joni Ryan, UKC-Charlotte began the negotiations to launch the unicist approach to the massive English speaking market. Breakthroughs are installed when they become self-evident in their market. The discovery of the nature of evolution of living beings, and the unicist theory erasing the limits between philosophy, science and action is a major breakthrough in science. Breakthroughs in science are mostly developed by outsiders of the Scientific-Academic system. The  risk of a breakthrough endangers the personal stability of a member of a system.
For example Einstein, Darwin, Freud, Edison, Tesla were outsiders of the Scientific-Academic System at the time they developed their innovations.
The objective of Joni Ryan’s initiative is to make the unicist approach self-evident in the general public.

Launching of the Unicist Strategy Programs

We finished the Market Laboratory measuring the internal and external results of the stimuli presented in the Unicist Thinking Program. Thus the Unicist Thinking Program has adopted its final name:

Unicist Strategy Program

Unicist Business Strategy Building

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This program is identical to the Unicist Thinking Program but it makes explicit that the unicist approach to strategy building ensures minimum results while achieving the maximal goals. The Unicist Thinking Seminar also changed the name to Unicist Strategy Seminar.

Launching of Portuguese and Spanish speaking Round Tables

Yesterday’s English speaking Round Table, coordinated by Angela Moretti (UKC-Houston), achieved its “flight level”.
This makes the launching of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking activities possible.
The first Spanish and Portuguese speaking Round Tables are programmed for next week.
From October on the learning programs will be delivered in our three official languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. This decision includes the Partners’ and Associated Consultants’ learning programs.

Launching of the UKC – Buenos Aires

UKC - Buenos Aires Argentina

UKC - Buenos Aires Argentina

Gustavo Flamerich decided to open a UKC in Buenos Aires specialized in Customer Relationship Solutions for the mid-size market. UKC’s activity will be developed in English, Portuguese and Spanish and the delivery of the Unicist CRM solutions will cover the Global Market. We recommend all partners who need to develop business growth programs for mid-size clients to get in touch with him.

UKC- Buenos Aires website:

Equal opportunities for all – Pay it forward

Thank you!!!! Diana Belohlavek, Joni Ryan and Katherine Hosie for having developed the e-books for free-download for the community.
The e-books: Reading the Nature of Reality, Confederations and Entering the Unicist Approach are now available for the community.
The Goodwill Network (GN) is a global organization that fosters the development of equal opportunities for all.
The GN works as a “pay it forward” chain to promote an added value ethic by giving opportunities to others who pay them forward.

Non-profit organizations are welcome!


Unicist Round Table Launching

The Unicist Round Table

The Unicist Round Table

The Unicist Round Table pilot test was successfully launched on Monday, September 15 with the participation of Angela Moretti, Joni Ryan and Katherine Hosie.

Round Tables are meeting places, organized by the Unicist Confederation, to share experiences between partners, clients and members of the Unicist Network. Peter Belohlavek participated in his role as ombudsman.

From now on Unicist Round Tables integrate the Critical Mass Strategy Model.

Reading the Nature of Reality – “Playing by ear vs. Grounded Playing”

Diana Belohlavek

By Diana Belohlavek

Welcome to the world of the use of Unicist Logical Language to read the nature of reality. The discovery of the Unicist Ontology of Evolution and the Ontogenetic Intelligence of Nature opened the access to the nature of reality in order to influence while being influenced.

The Unicist Logical Language is the tool to read, apprehend and understand reality, accessing its objective and unique functionality.

You can access this short e-book at:

Unicist Certification

Unicist Counselors Certification Program

Unicist Counselors Certification Program

The change of the paradigm “complex problem solving vs. solution finding” has been included as basic in the certification programs for unicist counselors.

This allowed the building of a bridge with coaches and consultants, being a cornerstone for the expansion of the Unicist Confederation.

The Unicist Certification Program is behind the motto: “We sell what we use and use what we sell”.

This document was developed with the participation of the UKC-Charlotte and the UKC-Sydney.

You can access this document at: