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Global Network: "Americas"

2nd level partner soon

Angela Moretti: Becoming a Second-level partner

It is a pleasure to inform that the UKC Houston was accepted having an option to participate as a Second-level partner of the Unicist Confederation. This acceptance is based on the participation of Angela Moretti in the development of the confederation. At the moment she is beginning to develop the “Americas” Global Network in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries having 217 potential applicants, being most of them academics. After the selection process we hope to integrate 10% of the applicants. They have to be confederation and business oriented.


Entering the Unicist Approach by Katherine Hosie

Unicist Approach

Katherine Hosie UKC-Sydney

Congratulations Katherine Hosie! The first e-book of a partner is being published and distributed among the members of the Goodwill Network and the Unicist Network.

It is the extremely valuable experience of an individual entering the world of complex problem solving based on her experience in the field of systemic solutions. This is an e-book that needs to be read by all partners and by the partners’ potential clients. It will establish the perspective of what a newcomer can expect to happen. Reading this book is a shocking experience. It will be available in two weeks. Recommended *****



Launching of the Critical Mass Strategy

Wine degustation

Some participants at the micro-clinic "wine degustation".

The Critical Mass Strategy began its implementation process in São Paulo, Brazil on August, 25. A successful Micro-clinic (“wine degustation”) was organized in the academic environment of the FECAP in São Paulo. It was organized by the UKC São Paulo led by Silvio Celestino. It was extremely successful with 17 participants at the event and 25 interested prospects from other cities, who could not travel to São Paulo.

Silvio Celestino organized the event.

Silvio Celestino organized the event.

The micro-clinic included the general presentation of The Unicist Research Institute and afterwards, the presentation of the Future Global and Brazilian Scenarios. This was preceded by a discussion among participants on Brazilian fundamentals that sustain the country’s expansion.

The meeting finished with an invitation of Silvio Celestino to get acquainted with unicist technologies beginning with an approach to Unicist Thinking.

The day after, 5 business proposals were made.

To facilitate the development of these micro-clinics worldwide, a virtual version of “wine degustations” was successfully tested.