Unicist Root Cause Marketing

Managing the concepts that drive human behavior

This activity will provide you an access to the unicist approach to marketing. The unicist root cause marketing was developed to manage the root causes of buying processes.  It has to be considered that the concepts people have, define the root causes of their actions. Any value proposition made to a person is recognized by the Conceptual Short-Term Memory (CSTM) that uses the concepts stored in the Long-Term Memory (LTM). Therefore, the marketing actions that are based on the concepts the potential buyers have, increase notoriously their effectiveness.

  • Unicist marketing strategy
  • The root causes of buying processes
  • Unicist segmentation
  • Object driven marketing




Duration: 1 hour
Virtual Platform: Webex
A synthesis is provided to the participants.
Micro-clinics include the provision of preparation material.

On Demand

Micro-clinics and webinars are developed on-demand with members of the participating company.