Strategic Analysts Master Program

The program is based on the use of a strategic approach to manage adaptive business functions by managing the concepts and fundamentals of businesses to increase their adaptability, growth and profitability.

Increasing the Functionality of Businesses

The strategic analysts program is based on a functionalist approach that includes technologies to manage:
1) Business, marketing, organizational, financial and competitive strategies
2) Functional business process design
3) Growth strategies
4) Change management strategies

A Graduate Education Program

Unicist Strategy

Strategic Design

Strategic design is based on using fundamental analysis to design maximal and minimum strategies, defining the necessary processes and the synchronized binary actions that are needed. Access

The Use of Functional Designers

The unicist functional designer and the unicist intelligent system allow planning, designing, and building business processes including the use of binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

Solution building
Binary Actions

Binary Actions Building

Binary action are used by dolphins and other animals in nature. Their synchronized use includes the use of catalysts and drivers to ensure the generation of results in adaptive environments. Access

The Use of Business Objects & Catalysts

Business objects are encapsulated adaptive systems to manage adaptive environments that use catalysts to expand the boundaries of a business, accelerate processes and ensure results. Access

Objects and Catalysts

Development of Real Solutions

The Unicist Reflection driven Education is driven by a strategic approach to business using a unicist action-reflection-action process based on the development of the pilot tests of real applications. Access

Tuition Fee $ 9,000 + Taxes

Unicist Solutions Library
Creative Commons
Unicist Solutions Library
Creative Commons