The Unicist Educational Model

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Emulating Nature

Emulating Nature

Emulating Nature

Postgraduate Education in Business

An Ontological Functionalist Approach

An Ontological Functionalist Approach

An Ontological Functionalist Approach

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The Unicist Educational Model

Working as a Teaching Hospital in Business

Unicist Conceptual Engineering

The participants of the programs use the Unicist Conceptual Engineering approach to develop solutions.

Conceptual engineering transforms the conceptual structures of adaptive environments into roles, processes, objects and actions. This allows managing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

It allows managing the dynamics and evolution of adaptive systems and environments by managing the unified field of the functions involved.

Unicist conceptual management drives the simplification of business processes based on the use of the unicist evolutionary approach. This approach, applied to the 4th Industrial Revolution is based on managing the unified field of business environments to increase their adaptability, growth, profitability and customer orientation. Learn more

Unicist Reflection Driven Education to Develop Strategies

The participants of the Unicist Corporate University develop real solutions for the organizations they belong to. They assume the responsibility for developing functional solutions to the problems they are dealing with.

The access to the root causes of problems requires the use of an action-reflection-action process to apprehend the concepts and fundamentals of the problems. This is a pilot test driven reflection that allows accessing structural sustainable solutions.

Participants use the Unicist Reflection Process and its implicit pilot testing technologies to develop solutions in the unicist residency. Unicist counselors support this solution building process.

Teaching Hospitals in Business
The unicist teaching hospitals use an action-reflection-action methodology. This allows building real solutions to complex business problems with the participants. The use of the expert systems based on unicist artificial intelligence simplifies the solution building processes while the pilot tests drive the learning processes. Access

Unicist Reflection Sessions (URS) to Manage the Concepts of Solutions

They are 2-hour weekly activities that develop solutions to real universal cases in each session using the unicist mechanics. These cases can be transferred to the field of action of the participants.

The Unicist Reflection Sessions are based on the use of the unicist conceptual methods to develop a real solution that allows participants to manage the unicist evolutionary approach.

They are developed based on the use of virtual real time collaboration and allow participants to experience the conceptual approach to real problems in adaptive environments.

Unicist Micro Clinics
The development of actions requires knowing the fundamentals of what someone is doing. The knowledge of the fundamentals is required to do things. Technical analytical knowledge allows controlling the cause-effect relationships after the actions were implemented. Learn more

The Unicist Reflection Center:
Going Beyond Dualism driven by Pilot Tests

The Unicist Reflection Center is a space where the structures of the concepts that underlie the adaptive functions are approached through the development of pilot tests, destructive tests and non-destructive tests. This center is part of the Unicist Corporate University and guides the learning of the management of the concepts that underlie social, individual and business functions.

The participants develop individual reflection processes to apprehend and manage the triadic structure of the functions of the real world that allows transferring this universal knowledge to the solution of complex problems in adaptive environment and to the building of strategies.

Unicist Reflection requires going beyond dualistic approaches and allows accessing different levels of complexity management to develop descriptive, analytical, predictive and prescriptive diagnoses.

Real Case Solutions

The participants build a strategy to develop a solution for a complex business problem. This development is agreed with each participant according to their field of expertise and activity.

It allows apprehending complex adaptive systems in their nature and transforming them into systemic systems making the necessary compromises without leaving aside their essential structure while measuring the results that are being achieved.

Solution Building Factory
The solution management systems work on the cloud. They work as a solution building factory that uses unicist expert systems and establishes the collaboration space with clients. These systems are based on the research of the concepts and fundamentals of business functions and the development of the unicist artificial intelligence. Learn more

Learning by Teaching

Unicist Reflection Driven Education is based on a learning by teaching approach, which is a constructivist model based on the expertise of the participants and its upgrade towards a superior level of solutions.

It is based on the solutions of problems in the business world, which are synthesized in proposals developed by the participants that include the description of the problem and the solution developed using the unicist evolutionary approach.

Learning by teaching
The learning by teaching activity is focused on the development of the innovative aspects of the unicist evolutionary approach and their application in the social and business world.

Individual Counseling

The counseling processes are managed by the Counseling Committee who participates in the programs of the Unicist Corporate University.

The counseling responses are provided within the following 72 hours of the reception of the questions on the real applications.

The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution. TURI has a business arm, an academic arm and a social arm.

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