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Unicist Business Strategy Program

A Causal Approach to Business

Unicist Business Strategy

Managing the Functionality of Businesses using Unicist Binary Actions

This business strategy program is based on real applications to introduce the management of the functionality of business processes in the design of business strategies.

It provides the basics of the understanding of the functionality of business processes and the binary actions that make them work and includes the development of maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

The discovery that the concepts people hold in their minds drive their actions, developed at The Unicist Research Institute, made a causal approach to business education possible. It was made accessible to everyone through a real problem-solving approach and the use of the Unicist Conceptual Designer, sustained by AI and action-reflection-action processes.

Unicist Business Strategy - A 5-Week Program

The unicist strategy emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure survival. This strategy manages the roots of the functionality of processes to build catalysts to expand possibilities and accelerate business functions. It uses binary actions and objects to ensure the generation of value in adaptive environments.

Unicist Reflection Driven Education

The New Stage is based on Unicist Binary Actions

To increase the growth speed of highly professionalized organizations by up to 50% and enhance energy efficiency by up to 30% using unicist binary actions.

Introducing the Role of Unicist Business Ontologist in Companies

Managing the causality of business is essential to profit from AI. Therefore, it becomes necessary to introduce this new role in companies to manage the causality of business functions and processes, applying functionalist principles and implementing binary actions.

Functionalist Principles & Binary Actions based Strategies

The program allows accessing the technology of the unicist strategy by developing and implementing a real strategy
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Unicist Virtual Advisor

You can learn about the new stage introduced by the unicist causal approach to business by accessing the Unicist Virtual Advisor

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What are unicist binary actions?

What is comfort zone market segmentation?

What is unicist AI?

What is the unicist conceptual designer?

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