About the Weston Corporate University

The Weston Corporate University is a spin-off of the Unicist Corporate University that provides unicist technologies in the field of IT Architecture and Business Processes.

The Unicist Corporate University fosters the evolution of business management to a superior level of functionality based on the emulation of nature. It is organized as a “teaching hospital in business” that manages educational programs introducing the Unicist Conceptual Management approach


President: Wes Spears

Dean: Diana Belohlavek

Director: Diego Belohlavek

Address: 10101 Southwest Freeway, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77074

Phone: +1-713-797-0068

Int'l Phone: +1-315-636-0086

Unicist Reflection
driven Education

Unicist Teaching Hospitals in Business were developed to learn to manage adaptive environments by solving problems accessing their root causes, triggering causes and limit causes.

They are based on the use of the unicist reflection driven education to apprehend the root causes through an action-reflection-action process.

Unicist Reflection Driven Education allows emulating the adaptive aspects of reality where the results can be measured. This approach requires a previous knowledge of the operational aspects of the specific action field.

The discovery of the roots of the intelligence, ontointelligence, and its functionality allowed developing a personalized learning methodology to empower the use of intelligence. It is based on the Reflection Driven Education model that follows the pathways individuals use to manage strategic intelligence and the logical type of thought to generate value in the environment.