Monetization Strategies in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Weston Corporate University provides unicist strategic approaches to businesses, based on managing the concepts of business functions. It introduces the “Industry 4.0” concept in businesses.

It is an academic arm of The Unicist Research Institute that is a world leading research organization specialized in complexity sciences and the development of intelligent technologies to manage adaptive environments.

It has to be considered that the Unicist Business Strategy is a breakthrough and a back to basics in business strategy building, based on the use of the concepts of business functions and on the emulation of the intelligence that underlies nature to develop maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

The participants of the programs use Unicist Intelligent Systems, that include Unicist AI Monitors, to develop strategies to generate solutions and ensure the results to be achieved.

Unicist Business Strategy

Unicist Business Strategy Program

This program is driven by a strategy that is developed by the participant. It includes the use of the Unicist AI Monitor that emulates the intelligence of nature to develop maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Unicist Root Cause Management System

Unicist Root Cause Management System

The Unicist Root Cause Management System is an intelligent knowledge system developed to manage the conceptual structures and root causes of business functions and to develop the conceptual design of solutions.

Unicist Talent Development System

Pilot Test Driven Market Lab System

The Unicist Market Lab is an Intelligent Decision Support System to manage and influence the root causes of buying processes. It has been developed to foster the growth of B2C and B2B markets.

In-company Corporate University

In-company Corporate University

The Unicist Education 4.0 is focused on managers and high potentials to deal with the adaptive aspects of business management. It works as a Teaching Hospital in Business.

Unicist Coaching

In-House Unicist Coaching System

The Unicist Coaching 4.0 is focused on dealing with the adaptive aspects of businesses, integrating the coachees, the projects and the business to develop structural solutions.

Country Archetypes Developed

• Algeria • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belarus • Belgium • Bolivia • Brazil • Cambodia • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia • Cuba • Czech Republic • Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • Finland • France • Georgia • Germany • Honduras • Hungary • India • Iran • Iraq • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan • Libya • Malaysia • Mexico • Morocco • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Norway • Pakistan • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Syria • Thailand • Tunisia • Turkey • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States • Uruguay • Venezuela • Vietnam

Main Markets (Generic)

• Automobile • Food • Mass consumption • Financial • Insurance • Sports and social institutions • Information Technology (IT) • High-Tech • Knowledge Businesses • Communications • Perishable goods • Mass media • Direct sales • Industrial commodities • Agribusiness • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical • Oil and Gas • Chemical • Paints • Education • Services • Commerce and distribution • Mining • Timber • Apparel • Passenger transportation –land, sea and air • Tourism • Cargo transportation • Professional services • e-market • Entertainment and show-business • Advertising • Gastronomic • Hotel-management • Credit card • Real estate • Fishing • Publishing • Industrial Equipment • Construction and Engineering • Bike, motorbike, scooter and moped • Sporting goods