Unicist Root Cause Management Certification

Managing the Roots of Functionality & the Root Causes of Problems

Root Cause Management in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The certification in Root Cause Management provides the knowledge to develop functionalist design of business processes to manage the roots of their functionality and the root causes of their problems.
It includes the use of functionalist principles to develop functionalist structures, business objects, binary actions, and catalysts to build business processes. This program opens the possibility of managing three levels of complexity.

Root Cause Management to Solve Business Problems

The Programs are Developed in an Environment of Real Cases

The programs are based on the solution of real cases developed in teams based on real problems of companies
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An Access to the Management of Root Causes in Businesses

The program is based on real applications and the use of functionalist tools to manage root causes to solve business problems
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Basic Technologies & Tools

Root Cause Problem-Solving & Functionalist Design of Processes

This activity is developed by using Unicist Functionalist Designers that are provided to the participants
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The Use of Binary Actions to Manage the Roots of Functionality

They are two synchronized actions that, on the one hand, expand possibilities and, on the other hand, ensure results
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Installing Business Objects in the Business Processes

The use of business objects in processes is needed to accelerate their operation and ensure their results
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Learning to profit from the use of Unicist AI

It is a fundamentals-based AI to manage the roots of the functionality of businesses to build adaptive automated processes
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The Program is based on Functionalist Education

The program is designed to access the roots of the functionality of businesses and the root causes of their problems
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The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR is the first market-oriented revolution. It is based on dealing with the functionality of things and requires managing the functionalist principles of processes. It uses synchronized binary actions to ensure market orientation and results. This consultation library will help to profit from the 4IR.

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4th Industrial Revolution

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