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Commercial Objection Management Program

Managing Functionalist Principles in the 4IR

Functionalist Objection Management Program

Collaborative Corporate Partnering in the 4IR

The management of objections is a core aspect of commercial processes that provides information on the true needs of customers and how to deal with them. It is based on a method to distinguish inhibiting from constructive objections and how to deal with them.

The program includes the learning of the use of catalysts that generate an environment that transforms inhibiting into constructive objections that allow closing sales. Access the educational model.

Transforming Objections into Opportunities

Objections are defined as the questioning process of proposals to confirm their utility, which includes inhibiting objections that deal with the personal needs of the people involved, and constructive objections, that deal with the functionality of the propositions. The management of objections simplifies processes and accelerates the achievement of results.

Working as a Teaching Hospital in Business

Programs are developed in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Functionalist Objection Management in Commercial Processes

This program is focused on managing objections as sign of interest and avoiding or annulling inhibiting objections
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The Program includes the Design of the Prototype of a Solution

The concept of teaching hospitals in business implies the development of real solutions to business problems
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The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

It uses the functionalist principles of processes to build synchronized binary actions, catalysts, and business objects to generate results
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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

All programs are based on developing business solutions for business problems that generate positive cashflow for the company and might include technologies protected by non-disclosure agreements.

The discovery of functionalist principles and the development of functionalist technologies allow for building business solutions, which simplify processes enhancing energy efficiency, adaptability, and customer orientation.