In-House University

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Unicist In-House Corporate Universities

An Evolutionary Approach to the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist In-House Universities provide access to the Unicist Strategic approach for the executives of the sponsoring company, its clients, providers, distributors or associates.

Introducing a Conceptual Mindset

The introduction of the 4th Industrial Revolution requires a conceptual mindset to manage adaptive processes. The Unicist In-House Universities provide access to the unicist evolutionary approach to manage the fundamentals of business processes.

Available Programs

The In-House university develops the executive programs to deal with the fundamentals of business functions.

In-House University

Characteristics of the Programs

The programs are led by executives of the company that participated in a program to manage action-reflection-action driven learning. This role can be temporarily outsourced.

About the Unicist Corporate University

The Unicist Corporate University is the academic arm of The Unicist Research Institute. It is a Business School that provides unicist business technologies to individuals in companies using a reflection driven educational model. These technologies are focused on strategic approaches to businesses and the management of the concepts and fundamentals to deal with the root causes of business processes.