Functionalist In-House Universities

The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Business

Using the Functionalist Approach to Improve Processes

The unicist In-house universities are focused on the introduction of the functionalist approach to businesses in companies to increase the generation of value, simplify processes and reduce costs. The programs are for the high potentials of companies. The programs are virtual while the participants develop real solutions using functional designers and protocols.

Characteristics of the program
Characteristics of the program

Functionalist Education

Providing Functional Technologies to manage Processes

The program is based on real applications and the use of conceptual tools to design business processes

Building Solutions based on the use of Functional Design

This activity is developed by using Unicist Functional Designers that are provided to the participants

Using Binary Actions to Ensure the Results of Processes

They are two synchronized actions that, on the one hand, expand possibilities and, on the other hand, ensure results

Learning to Design and Use Business Objects

The use of business objects in processes is needed to accelerate their operation and ensure their results

Using Unicist AI to build Intelligent Applications

It is a fundamentals-based AI that allows introducing adaptive behavior in automated business processes

The Program is based on Functionalist Education

The program is managed using reflection driven education based on an action-reflection-action process

Creative Commons
Creative Commons