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In-House Functionalist University

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

The New Stage of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Functionalist Approach to Problem-Solving

These are short in-house programs based on a real case of the company that is being solved while the participants learn the techniques. They work as a teaching hospital in business:
1) Root Cause Management
2) Functionalist Objection Management
3) Functionalist Decision Making
4) Binary Action Building
5) Commercial Catalyst Building
6) Pilot Test driven Reflection

Problem-Solving Programs

The Programs are Developed in an Environment of Real Cases

The programs are based on the solution of real cases developed in teams based on real problems of companies
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Unicist Root Cause Management to Solve Business Problems

This program provides the functionalist approach to root causes based on managing their functionalist principles
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Functionalist Objection Management in Commercial Processes

This program is focused on managing objections as sign of interest and avoiding or annulling inhibiting objections
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Functionalist Decision Making in Business Environments

This program provides the functionalist principles for decision making in business to simplify this process
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Functionalist Binary Action Building in Business Environments

This program provides the technique to design binary actions in business and commercial processes to ensure results
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Unicist Commercial Catalyst Building to Foster Growth

This program provides the functionalist principles for catalyst building to expand possibilities and accelerate processes
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Pilot Test driven Reflection for Complex Problem Solving

This program provides the techniques and tools to access the root causes of problems and develop solutions
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Test these Technologies in a Contingency Room

The unicist contingency rooms were designed to solve urgent business problems by developing structural solutions managing their root causes. They use the functionalist principles of business and market problems, conflicts and crises. These collaborative projects begin by generating positive cash-flow for the companies.

Contingency Rooms use the Functionalist Principles to develop Solutions

Problems are solved using functionalist principles that allow designing the binary actions that ensure results
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The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR is the first market-oriented revolution. It is based on dealing with the functionality of things and requires managing the functionalist principles of processes. It uses synchronized binary actions to ensure market orientation and results. This consultation library will help to profit from the 4IR.

Collaboration Space

Unicist Collaboration Space

The Mindset of the
4th Industrial Revolution

Unicist Strategy

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Human Intelligence & the Intelligence of Things

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Unicist Reflection Driven Education

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Future Research Lab

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