Functionalist In-House Universities

The Unicist In-House Universities manage a functionalist approach to business. They develop solutions to real business problems and generate a positive cash flow for the companies where they are installed.

Generating Value & Additional Cash-flow

The In-house programs provide a functionalist approach to business problems that includes technologies for:
1) Business process improvement
2) Problem solving and root cause management
3) Innovation and change management
4) Unicist functional design

Graduate Programs


Development of Real Solutions

The Unicist Reflection driven Education is driven by a strategic approach to business using a unicist action-reflection-action process based on the development of the pilot tests of real applications. Access

Teaching Hospitals in Business​

The learning of technologies, methodologies or methods that deal with adaptive processes requires making multiple applications. This process is homologous to the process of medical residencies. Access

Teaching Hospital
Unicist Evolutionary Approach

The Unicist Functionalist Approach

This approach was developed to manage the concepts that underlie the functions that are being managed, being they functions of living beings or artificial adaptive systems or environments. Access

The Use of Functional Designers

The unicist functional designer and the unicist intelligent system allow planning, designing, and building business processes including the use of binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

Solution building
Root Cause Management

Root Cause Management ​

The unicist functional approach manages the root causes of business functions and processes. To ensure their results, it requires managing both the know-how and the know-why of their functionality. Access

Binary Actions Building

Binary actions are two synchronized actions that expand businesses while they ensure their results. Binary actions empower the value of processes while they diminish their costs. Access

Binary Actions
Unicist Solutions Library
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Unicist Solutions Library
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