Root Cause Management Program

Transforming Urgent Problems into Structural Solutions

The New Stage of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Using Functionalist Principles to Find Root Causes

Unicist Root Cause Management introduced an approach to develop structural solutions for problems in adaptive environments. It is based on the research of the functionalist principles to find solutions that integrate the problems, their restricted contexts, and their wide contexts. This approach demonstrated that structural problem solving hinders the reappearance of problems.

Value Proposition

Unicist Business Problem Solving driven by Root Cause Management

Introducing the unicist problem solving methodology that manages root causes, triggering causes and limit causes
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The use of Functionalist Principles to develop Business Solutions

The use of functionalist principles to define their functionality and find the root causes of problems
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Ontological Reverse Engineering to find the Root Causes of Problems

To research the functionalist principles of business processes and define their restricted and wide contexts
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Conceptual Engineering to develop the Functionalist Design of Solutions

The use of unicist conceptual engineering to design solutions at a functionalist and operational level
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The use of Unicist Reflection to manage Pilot Tests and develop Solutions

A pilot test driven action-reflection-action processes to test and upgrade solutions until they are fully reliable
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The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR is the first market-oriented revolution. It is based on dealing with the functionality of things and requires managing the functionalist principles of processes. It uses synchronized binary actions to ensure market orientation and results. This consultation library will help to profit from the 4IR.

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4th Industrial Revolution

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