A Teaching Hospital in Business

Functionalist Decision Making Program

Managing Functionalist Principles in the 4IR

Functionalist Decision Making Program

Collaborative Corporate Partnering in the 4IR

The program of unicist decision-making is based on distinguishing the justifications of decisions from their foundations. The approach is based on learning to discover the true foundations that underlie the justifications of decision processes. 

The program is based on understanding the functionalist principles of decision-making processes and the multiple shapes they adopt when dealing with adaptive environments. Access the educational model.

Functionalist Decision Making for Business Rule Building

The decision rule building program is based on the management of the characteristics of the decisions, their consequences and the risks involved. Participants will be able to develop the logical rules to apply in automated processes and work as guidelines in decision making. The final purpose that drives the building of decision rules is the achievement of objectives that have been established.

Working as a Teaching Hospital in Business

Programs are developed in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Functionalist Decision Making in Business Environments

This program provides the functionalist principles for decision making in business to simplify this process
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The Program includes the Design of the Prototype of a Solution

The concept of teaching hospitals in business implies the development of real solutions to business problems
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The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

It uses the functionalist principles of processes to build synchronized binary actions, catalysts, and business objects to generate results
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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

All programs are based on developing business solutions for business problems that generate positive cashflow for the company and might include technologies protected by non-disclosure agreements.

The discovery of functionalist principles and the development of functionalist technologies allow for building business solutions, which simplify processes enhancing energy efficiency, adaptability, and customer orientation.