In-House Clinic:

Unicist Business Strategy

Unicist Monetization Strategies

Characteristics of the In-House Clinic

This clinic gives access to the technology to manage unicist business strategies based on the development of a real solution where the development of maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results can be experienced. These clinics are led by Peter Belohlavek.

  • Real case solution building
  • Between 5 and 21 participants.
  • There is an individual version based on unicist coaching services.


  • 3-Day full-time clinic – That is used to develop a real strategy with a company – It is a live personal activity.
  • 1-Day full-time clinic – That is based on the development of a specific strategy and includes the possibility of a live personal activity or a live virtual activity.
  • 4-Hour clinic - That allows experiencing the technology based on a real case – It is a live virtual activity.

This Clinic gives access to the Unicist Strategy Technology through the development of a real strategy that emulates the intelligence of nature by developing a maximal strategy to grow and a minimum strategy to ensure results. The Unicist Business Strategy sustains business monetization processes.

The Unicist Strategy is a paradigm shift in strategy building that introduced the development of value adding strategies that are synchronic with value earning strategies to generate growth.

This approach is based on the Unicist System that allows emulating strategies. It uses the Unicist AI Monitor to emulate business functions to define the processes and business objects that are needed to achieve the planned results.

The Unicist AI Monitor allows emulating business functions and processes to define strategies and actions based on the generic solutions of a specific market that are provided. The monitor learns from the environment based on the pilot tests that are developed.

The Unicist System to Emulate Strategies

The Unicist Strategy introduced a paradigm shift in strategy building by emulating the intelligence of nature and human “adaptive” intelligence. The Unicist System is based on the management of the concepts that underlie business functions and drive the root causes of their functionality.

The Unicist Strategy drove to the development of the Unicist Artificial Intelligence by emulating the rules of the intelligence that underlies nature and the unicist logic that allows managing adaptive environments.

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A Real Strategy Building

The basics of this technology are transferred through Clinics that provide the fundamental knowledge to develop strategies in a specific field of action. These Clinics are based on real applications of the unicist strategy that allow apprehending the structure and mechanics of the unicist strategic approach while generating results.

The clinics are based on reflection driven education and include the use of the unicist cognitive system with artificial intelligence to develop alternative strategies to solve a real problem that is being managed.

The real problem solving is managed by the coordinator of the Clinics and is sustained by the emulator that provides the conceptual structure for the solution of the problem that is being solved. The coordinator guides the solution building process and the pilot testing process until the validity of the solution has been confirmed.

The use of the emulator simplifies the management of a strategic approach to solution building. Finally, the Clinics includes the development of the necessary action plans.

Business Monetization

The unicist cognitive systems with artificial intelligence, applied to business, were developed to empower value generation, market expansion and profit improvement. They sustain the business monetization processes.

The monetization of businesses is based on the integration of a client centered approach with a value generating approach and a generic monetization approach.

The context and the competitors strongly influence the monetization power of any business.

The maximal strategy of monetization is given by the capacity of a company to organize their client centricity and develop the actions that ensure results, focusing on the clients’ needs and the delivery of reliable value.

Unicist Strategy: A Paradigm Shift in Business

The Unicist Strategy introduced a paradigm shift in the strategic approach to economic, social, institutional and individual evolution based on the emulation of the intelligence of nature and the development of synchronic maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure survival.

This approach included the development of action plans based on maximal strategy actions and synchronic minimum strategy actions that ensure the achievement of results in adaptive environments.

The Use of the Unicist AI Monitor

The participants of this Clinic have access to the use of a Unicist AI Monitor to develop strategies applied to the real case they are solving. Unicist Artificial Intelligence emulates the human reflection process to apprehend the concepts of business functions.

The Unicist Artificial Intelligence Monitor is an intelligent interface that allows developing strategies in adaptive environments. Its intelligence allows emulating solutions based on the conceptual structure of business functions using the rules of the unicist logic.

The Unicist AI Monitor allows developing solutions and learning from the pilot tests of their implementation until their functionality has been confirmed.

Peter Belohlavek

Peter Belohlavek

Peter Belohlavek is a doer who dedicated his life to research the roots of evolution in order to develop solutions to generate value and foster growth in adaptive environments. In the business field these works drove to:

1) The development of the Unicist Business Strategy, that emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

2) The development of the Unicist Conceptual Management that deals with the fundamentals of business functions to manage the root causes that drive business processes.

These works are based on multiple basic discoveries that drove to the development of the Unicist Theory that explains how evolution works. Learn more

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