A Teaching Hospital in Business

In-House Complex Problem Solving Clinics

Managing Functionalist Principles in the 4IR

In-House Complex Problem Solving Clinics

Collaborative Corporate Partnering in the 4IR

Unicist Clinics develop structural solutions to complex problems of companies that need to access the root causes of a problem to ensure the functionality of the solutions.

They use ontological reverse engineering, conceptual engineering, and the use of the unicist functionalist designer to develop a solution based on the input of the universal functionalist principles provided to the participants. Access the educational model.

In-house Clinics to Solve Structural Problems

The In-house clinics are based on the functionalist principle of a business that allows building solutions, which include the necessary binary actions to work, and the pilot tests to confirm their functionality:
1) The solution of complex business problems
2) The introduction of new technologies
3) The design of specific strategies
4) The solution of conflicts


Working as a Teaching Hospital in Business

Clinics are developed in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Clinic is based on the use of Intelligent Tools​

The program is based on a real case that needs to be solved and the use of conceptual tools to design a solution
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The Program includes the Design of the Prototype of a Solution

The concept of teaching hospitals in business implies the development of real solutions to business problems
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The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

It uses the functionalist principles of processes to build synchronized binary actions, catalysts, and business objects to generate results
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Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

All programs are based on developing business solutions for business problems that generate positive cashflow for the company and might include technologies protected by non-disclosure agreements.

The discovery of functionalist principles and the development of functionalist technologies allow for building business solutions, which simplify processes enhancing energy efficiency, adaptability, and customer orientation.

The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR introduced the requirement of managing the functionality of business processes to enhance their energy efficiency, customer orientation, and adaptability.

Profit from this New Stage

Unicist Functionalist Technologies

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Unicist In-House Universities

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Use the Intuitive Solution Design Module

Intuitive Solution Design Module

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Functionalist Principles for Personal Use

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Unicist Functionalist Design

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The Functionalist Principles of Marketing Processes

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The Functionalist Principle

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