Unicist Functionalist Business School

Managing the Roots of Functionality & the Root Causes of Problems

Managing the Functionalist Principles of Businesses

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist Corporate University is the academic arm of The Unicist Research Institute that works as a business school and partners with companies to introduce the functionalist technologies developed.

The business school works as a teaching hospital in business. The technologies that are introduced in companies are based on the functionalist principles, which are needed to manage the roots of the functionality of business processes and the root causes of problems to produce real solutions generating a positive cashflow for the companies.

The Use of Reflection Driven Education to manage Business Functionality

The learning of a strategic approach to businesses requires the use of pilot test driven reflection to ensure results
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A Strategic Approach to Businesses in Adaptive Environments

The Business School deals with the solution of business problems in adaptive environments which requires using maximal strategies to expand and minimum strategies to ensure results. This process includes the development of the synchronized maximal and minimum binary actions to ensure results.

Managing the Roots of the Functionality of Businesses to build Strategies

The development of strategies for growth requires defining synchronized binary actions to grow and ensure results
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Functionalist Design to develop Adaptive and Customer Centered Solutions

Functionalist design is the core tool used at the Business School to transform ideas into actions. It is based on the use of the unicist functionalist designer that allows building solutions managing the roots of the functionality of processes using synchronized binary actions, business objects and catalysts.

Designing Processes to manage the Roots of the Functionality of Businesses

It requires researching the root causes of problems using sound knowledge and a solution thinking approach
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The Use of an Expert System to simplify Superior Education

The business compass is an intelligent expert system that manages the unified field of business functions. It sustains the development of solutions in the Business School and works as a framework for the learning processes. It is also the quality assurance system for the development of the solution of the problems that are being managed.

Using the Business Compass to foster Learning and manage Business Problem Solving

The business compass simplifies work and stimulates learning through the feedback from pilot tests
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Building Future Scenarios to find Possibilities for Growth

The management of the context is the core of business success. It implies building the present situation of a business and establishing the future scenario considering that the past and the future are not symmetric. These future scenarios are built using the future scenario builder of the business compass.

The Knowledge of the Future Scenarios is basic to exert Influence in an Environment

It requires knowing the structure of the functionality of a business and forecast the future based on logical inferences
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The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR is the first market-oriented revolution. It is based on dealing with the functionality of things and requires managing the functionalist principles of processes. It uses synchronized binary actions to ensure market orientation and results. This consultation library will help to profit from the 4IR.

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