A Functionalist Approach to Business

The unicist functionalist approach to businesses allowed developing technologies and tools to manage the adaptability of businesses to increase their speed of growth, profitability, and sustainability. It is the stage required by the 4IR.

Transferring Functionalist Technologies

The Unicist Corporate University provides functionalist business technologies and tools to the participants to build unicist strategies and install functional design to solve business problems. It is based on the use of functional structures, binary actions, objects, and catalysts to manage their adaptability, growth, profitability, and sustainability.

Business Programs

Unicist Strategy

Unicist Strategy to Ensure Results

The unicist strategy emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure survival. This strategy manages the root causes of processes and builds catalysts to accelerate business functions. It uses binary actions (UBAs) and business objects to ensure the generation of value in complex adaptive environments. Access

Business Technology Transfer

All the programs transfer functionalist business technologies and tools to the participants. They are provided under a CC 4.0 License. They allow managing the business, financial, industrial, commercial, organizational, and competitive aspects of businesses. They are based on functional knowledge integrating the “know how” with the “know why” of business processes. Access

Unicist Standard
Binary Actions

The Use of Unicist Binary Actions

The management of adaptive business processes requires the use of binary actions to manage their functionality to foster expansion and ensure results. Synchronized binary actions generate adaptability, growth, and profitability of businesses. An example of binary actions in the world of physics is the lift and the propulsion that allow airplanes to fly. Access

Functionalist Education

Functionalist management can only be learned when an individual is exposed to real actions producing real solutions. This drove to the development of the unicist reflection driven education that is based on an action-reflection-action process where people learn to manage concepts while solving business problems using their ontogenetic maps. Access

Reflection driven Education
Solution Building

Real Business Solution Building

The Unicist Functional Designers were built to develop the solution of problems in adaptive environments. They simplify the building of adaptive solutions based on the use of the concepts and fundamentals of processes, an intuitive approach based on the experience of the users and a pilot testing approach that ensures the functionality of results. Access

Reflection Driven Education

Unicist DidactiBots are cobots that manage the specific didactics of each field, driving the synchronicity of the activities of participants to ensure the learning of the functionality of business processes. Access

Unicist Solutions Library
Creative Commons
Unicist Solutions Library
Creative Commons