About us

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a global decentralized research center specialized in complexity sciences focused on the research of the nature of the evolution of adaptive systems.

It was the pioneer in complexity science research and became a global decentralized leading research organization in the field of human adaptive systems. More than 5,000 unicist ontological researches were developed since 1976 in the field of individual, institutional and social evolution.

TURI has a business arm and an academic arm. The business arm is developed by the Unicist Confederation and the academic arm is in charge of The Unicist Corporate University.

The spirit of the Unicist Group is based on:

  • An attitude of value adding
  • A democratic approach
  • An ecumenical spirit

The Unicist Confederation is located in USA (Delaware) and controls the activity of its two divisions: The Unicist European Confederation and the Unicist American Confederation.

Unicist R&D-Groups for Basic and Life Sciences Research

The “Unicist R&D-Groups” are groups to research complex environments in nature and their homologies in the field of complex adaptive artificial systems. This research provides the basics to develop applicative solutions in the field of social, institutional and individual evolution.

The Unicist School: A Conceptual Approach to Sciences and Technologies

The Unicist School fosters value generation and sustainable personal and social growth based on empowering the conceptual approach of its members. The school has more than 90,000 followers in 56 countries. It promotes the use of concepts and objects, which emulate nature, to develop solutions in complex environments. Its scope of activities includes participants who deal with the world of Technologies and Sciences.

In the scientific field we include participants who deal with Scientific Research, Life Sciences, Complexity Sciences, Information Sciences, Future Research and Strategy, Logic, Anthropology, Economic Science, Political Science, Social Sciences, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, History, Cognitive Science, Education, Psychology and Semiology.

The emulation of nature became possible in the Era where complexity became manageable by emulating the intelligence that underlies nature.

The Origins of the School

Complexity has been an unsolved challenge for sciences. Science dealt with complexity using multiple palliatives but without achieving consensus of what complex systems are. This challenge was faced since 1976 at The Unicist Research Institute. TURI was and is a pioneering organization in the research and development of concrete solutions for complex environments based on the Unicist Theory created by Peter Belohlavek.

The Paradigm Shift in Sciences

Peter Belohlavek is the creator of the Unicist Theory and the founder of The Unicist Research Institute. The Unicist Theory made adaptive systems manageable and gave an epistemological structure to complexity sciences. This theory established a new starting point in science which expanded the possibilities of human influence in adaptive environments.

The unicist paradigm shift in sciences drove from an empirical approach to a pragmatic, structuralist and functionalist approach to deal with complex environments, integrating observable facts with the “nature of things”. Access Peter Belohlavek's brief

The Organization

TURI, as a global decentralized organization, develops its activity on the sites of its Partners and Associates. There are no headquarters but a centralized Executive Committee and a centralized delivery of technologies.


Executive Committee Members:

Unicist Confederation

Delaware (USA)

It manages the commercial associations with Partners and Associates

Website: www.unicist.net

Unicist Healthcare Corporate University

10101 Southwest Freeway, Suite 500 Houston, TX 77074

Phone: +1-713-797-0068

Int'l Phone: +1-315-636-0086

Blue Eagle Group

The Captive Partner of the Unicist Confederation.

Website: www.blue-eagle.unicist.net

The Unicist Research Institute

Research Bunker:

Uriburu 662, Adrogue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Int´l phone: +1-315-506-6875

Website: www.unicist.org

Countries with Partners / Associates

(in chronological order)

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • China
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Australia

Originating Clients that made the development of technologies possible:


Code of Ethics of The Unicist Research Institute


Code of Ethics of the Unicist Confederation


The Concepts of the Business

The Vision of the Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute is focused on the development of a scientific approach to complexity that allows dealing with complex adaptive environments in nature and with complex adaptive systems created by humans to understand their dynamics and emulate their nature generating a more efficient and productive environment. The Institute is an organization of doers, developed by doers, for doers. www.unicist.org

The Vision of the Business Arm

The Unicist Confederation is an association of doers, developed by doers for doers, that provides adaptive solutions for businesses based on the unicist framework. It fosters the use of the Unicist Logical Approach to businesses, considered as adaptive systems, to diagnose them, build their strategies and design their functional architecture to produce results. www.unicist.net

The Vision of the Academic Arm

The Unicist Corporate University fosters the evolution of business management to a superior level of functionality based on the emulation of nature. It is organized as a “teaching hospital in business” that manages educational programs introducing the Unicist Conceptual Management approach. www.academic.unicist.org

The Vision of the Unicist Goodwill Network

The Unicist Goodwill Network (UGN) is a global organization that fosters the development of equal opportunities for all. The Unicist Goodwill Network is an Association of doers, by doers and for doers. The UGN works as a "pay it forward" chain to promote an added value ethics by giving opportunities to others who pay them forward. www.goodwillnetwork.net

Contact the Unicist Group

The Unicist Research Institute

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Phone: +1.315.215.1677

Unicist Confederation

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Phone: +1.315.636.0086

Unicist Corporate University

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Phone: +1.315.506.6875

Unicist Goodwill Network

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Ongoing Researches

Unicist Discoveries

Country Scenarios Developed

• Algeria • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belarus • Belgium • Bolivia • Brazil • Cambodia • Canada • Chile • China • Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia • Cuba • Czech Republic • Denmark • Ecuador • Egypt • Finland • France • Georgia • Germany • Honduras • Hungary • India • Iran • Iraq • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Jordan • Libya • Malaysia • Mexico • Morocco • Netherlands • New Zealand • Nicaragua • Norway • Pakistan • Panama • Paraguay • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Syria • Thailand • Tunisia • Turkey • Ukraine • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States • Uruguay • Venezuela • Vietnam

Conceptual Segmentation of Markets

• Automobile • Food • Mass consumption • Financial • Insurance • Sports and social institutions • Information Technology (IT) • Communications • Perishable goods • Mass media • Direct sales • Industrial commodities • Agribusiness • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical • Oil and Gas • Chemical • Paints • Education • Services • Commerce and distribution • Mining • Timber • Apparel • Passenger transportation –land, sea and air • Tourism • Cargo transportation • Professional services • e-market • Entertainment and show-business • Advertising • Gastronomic • Hotel-management • Credit card • Real estate • Fishing • Publishing • Industrial Equipment • Construction and Engineering • Bike, motorbike, scooter and moped • Sporting goods