Unicist Evaluation Room

The Unicist Corporate University (UCU) is the academic arm of The Unicist Research Institute that gives access to the unicist technologies for businesses. Its clients are Companies and its users are the professionals and executives of these companies. The investment in research made at The Unicist Research Institute, exceeds 110 million dollars (at replacement cost).

The Unicist Corporate University is a globalized and decentralized organization that works through multi-local business residencies working in the corporate partners’ and clients’ facilities.

Real Problem Solving

Unicist Business Residencies are analogous to Medical Residencies in Teaching Hospitals; they work on the real problems participants need to solve. Programs give access to professionals, pertaining to these organizations, to the unicist logical tools and object driven technologies to diagnose, project scenarios, build strategies, design business processes and solve business problems.

The unicist conceptual approach to education is focused on learning while individuals solve real complex problems that require having apprehended their conceptual structure. This approach includes the use of the unicist logical tools and the unicist objects that have been developed at The Unicist Research Institute.

The learning of this approach requires an ACTION-REFLECTION-ACTION process driven by Pilot Tests in which the apprehension of business concepts occurs while actual results are being produced.

The Unicist Paradigm Shift in Sciences

Object Driven Strategies

Executive Program on Business Strategy >

Object Driven Organization

Executive Program on Business Organization >

Object Driven Marketing

Executive Program on Adaptive Marketing >

Object Driven Negotiation

Executive Program on Business Negotiations >

Teaching Hospitals in Business

In-company Corporate Universities >

Object Driven Leadership

Executive Program on Business Leadership >

Business Strategy Residency

3-month residency on strategy building >

Business Architecture Residency

3-month residency on Business Architecture >

IT Architecture Residency

3-month residency on IT Architecture >